Ballarat Tech

A place for Ballarat Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Startups and Techies to collaborate and communicate.


We want Ballarat to be a technology and innovation hub!

Below are some of the way you can get involved in the Ballarat Tech scene. If you know of more ways feel free to send them to to have them included.

Innovation Precinct

Visit the Innovation Precinct on Albert Street in Ballarat Central. If you’re an entrepreneur, innovator or startup based in or near Ballarat you should make the time to come visit this new hive of activity right on your doorstep!

Runway Ballarat


The Beacon focuses on what’s happening in technology around the Ballarat region, and also includes information on events and available jobs. It’s run by Eurekative who build startups and support the local tech community in multiple ways - this newsletter is just one of them. Signup using the button below.

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Meetup Group

Ballarat Silicon Beach (BRATSB) is an informal group for anyone interested in founding or working in startups, dev/design in web/mobile tech, IoT, freelancing, investing or working with people in that space. We are a diverse bunch covering all ages, backgrounds. We are part of the Australia-wide Silicon Beach Network of connected communities and proudly sponsored by the largest Silicon Beach Community in Australia, Melbourne Silicon Beach.

Ballarat Silicon Beach


If you live in or near Ballarat and are interested in the tech space then you should join the Ballarat Tech Community Chat server.

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